Christmas is the best time of the year to many of us and rightly so. The Christmas time has arrived with all its attractions, fantasies and delicacies. Everyone dreams to spend this special time of the year in a picture-postcard perfect town , just like the one popping out of a story book, we are giving you the chance to have the experience of a lifetime by giving a list of magical Christmas towns round the world.

We recommend you to add these festive small towns to your bucket list. Here they are:

25. Durango, Colorado

24. Orlando, Fla.

The most magical place on earth according to some turns out to be even more magical this time of the year. On 19 selected evenings from November and December, one can enjoy the fabulous Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Walt Disney World Resort. The celebrations include an enchanting parade, fireworks and magical snowfall.

23. Frankenmuth, Mich.

The town Frankenmuth which is about 90 miles from Detroit has the world’s largest Christmas superstore even bigger than average Wal-Mart. Every year more than 2 million people from round the globe visit the store for desired ornaments. There you will find 100 styles of Christmas trees, 500 varieties of lights and more than 100 nativity scenes.

22. Paradise, Pa.

The town located about 60miles from Philadelphia is the home of National Christmas Center. The center has a 20,000 square foot museum dedicated to preserve and share Christmas memories. It has more than 10,000 Santas, 500 nativity scenes and unlimited toys.

21. Miami, US.

This lively city is famous for Christmas celebrations. It may be short in snow but never short of livelihood. It has the world’s largest Christmas themed amusement park having 100+ rides, games, shows and other attractions. It can be named as Christmas saga. It hosts around 1 million people each year giving its services.

20. New Orleans

The city has the history of celebrating the winter holidays in a big way. Every year for more than half a century, young and old have come together in Jackson Square to sing Christmas carols by candlelight in front of the beautifully illuminated St. Louis Cathedral. For the people of New Orleans, this heartwarming tradition brings home the true meaning of Christmas.

19. Vienna, Austria

If you want to enjoy old fashioned Christmas celebrations with the imperial architecture of the city. The twinkling holiday decorations of Vienna can’t be found anywhere. The Vienna Boys Choir concerts are a must during the holiday season. Moreover, one can enjoy artisans and food variety here like never before.

18. Valkenburg, Netherlands

Valkenburg is world famous for its Christmas market. So, go for a little shopping but it won’t be little in the end for sure. You will pick same kinds of traditional gifts like handicrafts and Marlstone products. It is perhaps the oldest Christmas market in entire Europe. You will also enjoy the cave sculptures and a historical 18thcentury chapel. Children will be especially happy to find that the caves even include Santa himself, along with his sleigh and reindeer.

17. Woodstock, Vermont

One of the best places in US to celebrate Christmas is Vermont. It has amazing scenes with the ground mainly covering with a light dusting of snow with amazing scent of pine wafting through the air. The historic place of Woodstock is famous for its 19th century pre-Christmas festival having Norse Culture traditions. A beautiful colorful parade with 50 horses held every year.

16. Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

The best place of Finland to celebrate Christmas, Finland provides the best home for Santa at Christmas time. The natives celebrate Christmas with events like husky-dog rides, tobogganing in the deep, pristine snow, viewing the Northern lights or even taking a sled-led reindeer safari at the Sirmakko reindeer farm. For the best frosty experience, you must stay at the Arctic Snow Hotel, constructed entirely of snow and ice; it also comes with hot tubs in frosting temperature.

15. Nuremberg, Germany

Nuremberg is world famous for its Christmas market having visited by over two million visitors every year. It always competes with the Most Beautiful Staff Design Award. The market organizers make it sure every year that the traditional blend of Christmas should be there. You will have unforgettable experience wandering through the market. There is Toy Museum for Kids as well.

14. Strasbourg, France

The city turns to a wonderland in Christmas time. A series of themed Christmas villages makes it even more stunning. You will find concerts and Christmas events of all types here at Strasbourg. You can taste prune, apricot and other holiday delights. In the nearby village of Bredle, you can enjoy the traditional taste of biscuits and Alsatian Wine.

13. Bruges, Belgium

Medieval Bruges is stunning all year round, but it truly comes alive in winter, with its center transformed into a Christmas parade, partially sliding on its large ice rink. One can enjoy the fantabulous snow and Ice Sculpture Festival. The theme of this year’s festival is “land of the hobbits” with 40 artists making amazing creations out of 300 tons of ice and some 400 tons of snowflakes. Enjoy it with a mug of hot cocoa in this chocolate lover’s paradise.

12. Riga Latvia

The lovely architectural setting of the old Christmas market is the target of visitors. It is also famous for events organized for special children like the popular carousel of wooden figures, riding ponies, and animal corner. Visitors of all ages can enjoy tasty glazed gingerbread as well as locally crafted items like warm, handmade socks, wooden candlesticks, Latvian honey and patterned mittens.

11. North Pole, Alaska

The North Pole may be the most obvious Christmas town of all. Here in this community of 2,200 residents, it’s always Christmas with holiday decorations up 365 days of the year. It’s all about Santa in here. You can enjoy the streets like Kris Kringle Drive and Santa Clause Lane. National newscasts are frequently broadcast live from the Santa Clause house as well.

10. Tallin, Estonia

The Christmas Spirit is best seen in Estonian Capital. It really provides the beautiful view with its medieval old town dusted in snow and lanterns lit after dark providing a glow to the cobblestone streets. It has the honor that the first Christmas Tree was erected here in 1441. Other attractions include an international Christmas market, outdoor ice rink, Estonian Open Air Museum, Estonian food and drink and a mini zoo.

09. Reykjavik, Iceland

Iceland is a chilly space but the Christmas spirit is always maintained. A spectacular Yule Town and holiday traditions like “Yuletide Lads” and scruffy Santas that bring gifts to kids who’ve been good for the 13 nights leading up to the big day. The thing beautiful of this place is that the craftsman and artist are really talented and every day you will find some new things made.

08. Cologne, Germany

Cologne is famous for its magnificent buildings, decorations and holiday markets. You will find 8 different holiday markets here with the largest of them near to the Kolner dam. Visitors can enjoy a cup of hot gluhwein, a spiced mulled wine that is sure to warm even the deepest chill, as well as stroll the markets, with each offering something a bit different along with a wide array of gifts, holiday decorations and foods.

07. Prague, Czech Republic

If you want to have an eye-catching view of gothic architecture and folkloric traditions, you should visit Prague especially at the time of Christmas. From its famed Christmas markets with beautifully decorated wooden huts filled with festive treats including everything from craft gift items and ornaments to fantastic delicacies like spit-roasted hams and trdelnik, a traditional hot sugar coated pastry.

06. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam does it up right with its legend of Sinterklaas going strong, including 16th– and 17th-century houses strung with lights in early December. This Dutch capital has 26 Christmas markets in total. Not only are they especially tasty, Dutch tradition says they help to ward off evil spirits.

05. Breckinridge, Colorado

The transformation of this beautiful Christmas town is huge during holidays. It kicks off with the Lightening of Breckenridge on the first weekend in December and throughout the holidays visitors can enjoy carriage rides, lots of shopping opportunities, and the chance to feel as you’ve you stepped into an old-fashioned holiday painting.

04. Malmo, Sweden

Thisold-meets-new Swedish town dishes up an incredible smorgasbord of Christmas markets, holiday concerts and twinkling trees. Here you can shop for Modernist designs or handmade decorations at Sodertull while stopping to warm up over a nice mug of glogg – Swedish mulled wine that is. Head to Katrinetorp manor for poinsettias, festive food and antiques or Good Jul for fair trade vintage and recycled gifts. To top off a day of holiday cheer, slip on some skates and take a whirl around the open-air ice rinks at Folkets Park or Raoul Wallenberg.

03. Mackinac Island, Michigan

A short ferry ride will bring you to this picturesque island town with just 500 residents where everyone celebrates the holidays just like they did 100 years ago. Here, people travel by horse and buggy as motorized vehicles have been banned for the past century. At Christmas, Santa actually visits every child to their Christmas wishes, and they also feature an annual island Christmas bazaar where unique crafts and decorates filled with green, red and lots of lilac – a favorite local color.

02. Grindelwald, Switzerland

The village of Grindelwald sits at the foot of two dramatic peaks of the Swiss Alps – it’s so picturesque that it’s been used as the setting of a number of films, including “The Golden Compass.” This notable winter resort destination stands apart from the rest due to its especially charming atmosphere during the holidays – so much so that it just might make you believe in Santa Claus again. You’ll find beautiful decorations lining the streets and massive Christmas trees around every corner, along with mulled wine and plenty of goods to purchase at the Grindelwalder market stands.

01. Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, set on the eastern edge of Washington State’s Cascade Mountains, is a Bavarian village that that is transformed into a virtual snow globe of Christmas magic during the holidays. The Christmas Lighting Festival, held from December 5 to December 21 in 2014, features plenty of old fashioned caroling, Christmas characters and practically an endless amount of dazzling lights. On Fridays, St. Nikolas himself welcomes children with song and fruit. The A&E Network even crowned Leavenworth the “Ultimate Holiday Town USA.”

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