You know what’s worse than having a messed up tattoo on your skin, forever? Getting called out about it online.

Below, We has put together a list of tattoos that were messed up really bad, and then called out online. Whether it was a missing letter or a spelling mistake – all of these tattoos were horribly failed and now the whole world knows about them… I smell regret here if you ask me. Keep on scrolling to check them out and don’t forget share your favorites!

#1 Idiot Foreigner

#2 Your Nane

#3 What’s “Shutterstock”?

#4 It’s Get Better

#5 Girl Who Posts A Lot Of Religiously Passionate Statuses Ended Up Showing Off Her Tattoo

#6 Family is Everithing

#7 My Friend Posted His First Tattoo On Fb Today. There Was A Minor Problem

#8 Powerful Soul

#9 Just Change Birth Certificate

#10 In My Day…

#11 What Happened Here

#12 Yarrr

#13 That’s The Way It Said

#14 Then or Than

#15 You Won’t Even See The Hands

#16 Thenks mather for my life

#17 Expectation vs Reality

#18 No Regerts

#19 Is It Too Late To Return It?

Is It Too Late To Return It?

#20 Will you marry me?

#21 Never don’t give up

#22 Should Never Be Allowed To Drive A Car

#23 W T *

#24 Bros

#25 Still Love It

Still Love It

#26 Never Loose Hope

#27 Is That A Farret Coming Out A Dream Catcher?

#28 Lesbian Tattoo Fail

#29 Failed To Mention Something

Failed To Mention Something


#30 Great Dolphin Tattoo With Bradley’s Name Under It

Great Dolphin Tattoo With Bradley's Name Under It

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