Trying to decide on what tattoo you want to get can be SUPER stressful. I know when I was considering my first tattoo, I had about ten different ideas that all seemed great, but were just not perfect – or “me” – enough to commit to.

I eventually got something I was happy with, but now that I am starting to save up some cash for my next tattoo, I’m feeling that indecision creep up on me again.

One kind of tattoo I’ve always been fond of is the one word tattoo.

One word tattoos can make a HUGE statement, or mean something really deep and important, especially if it really captures your personality or being.

Here, we have compiled a list of beautiful one word tattoos for your viewing pleasure. Scroll down below to check them out for yourself, and don’t forget to share your faves!

1. Smile

2. Wanderlust


3. Love

4. Create

5. Hope

6. Passion

7. Yes

8. Enjoy

9. Now

10. Free

11. Alive

12. Unbalanced 

13. nyc

14. Breathe

15. Brave

16. Faith

17. Freedom

18. Strength

19. Decide

20. Believe

21. Ride

22. Better

23. Stronger

24. Adventure

25. Gratitide

26. Artist

27. Self

28. Miraculum

29.  Champagne

30. Bellissimo

31. Family

32. Imagine

33. Karma

34. Faith

35. Love

36. NewYork

37. Believe

38. Loyalty

39. Infinity

40. Serendipity


41. Dreamer

42. Warrior

43. смелая

44. Balance

45. Honey

46. Bisou



47. Heaven

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