The moon is a pretty significant piece of human life, the natural analogue to the sun, which is connected with the female. The moon has conducted humanity for, well, forever. Ancient astronomers (think around 2500 years ago) outlined our moon’s phases, and it progresses over the sky.  Moon tattoos have become very widespread these days, particularly for women who fancy getting inked. Moon tattoos are not only so lovely and pleasing to gaze at, but also have luxurious and metaphorical meanings. The moon is a representation of sincerity, magic, immortality, charm, dreams, leadership, originality, subtle energy, control and feminine strength and productivity.

In this very article, we have a vast collection of examples of astonishing and meaningful moon tattoos. If you are interested in getting a moon tattoo, please check out these astounding ideas and get more inspiration to have on your following ink.

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