The beauty of the darkest day of the year? You can light candles even earlier (or switch on LED tealights) and watch the calming, flickering glow of the warm lights. For a dreamy city of light made of paper you need copies or pictures of houses, castles and buildings in frontal view and with windows.

These can come from magazines, calendars or books. You can also use your own photos or print pictures from the Internet. Naturally, buildings from the homeland, which one knows or with which one can build (build) a small town, are especially beautiful. Old books with cityscapes often offer beautiful black and white photographs with nostalgic flair that you can copy and use perfectly for this project.

Tip: Pictures that are slightly higher in the middle work best. There must be some space to the right and left of the building so that the paper can be rolled up. For magazines and book pages may shimmy something from the back, which may well be a nice effect.


  • Pictures of houses, castles or buildings
  • LED tea lights
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • scissors
  • scalpel
  • Newspaper or cutting mat as a base


Cut out the upper silhouette of the building, starting and ending at the same height on the right and left in the picture.

Use the scalpel to cut out a few small windows and doors that will later shed light. Use old newspapers or a cutting mat as a base.

Roll the picture to a cylinder and fix the two short sides with double-sided adhesive tape or glue stick.

Turn on the LED tealight and put it in. (Do not use real tealights for the City of Lights, as the paper is flammable very quickly!)

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