Are you looking for a relatively simple holiday craft, or something that would make a great gift? Check out these adorable mason jar snow globes. Here’s what you’ll need:

materials needed to make snow globe

Step One

You can decide if you’d like to paint the lid of your mason jar, or leave it as is (both options look great). But since warm metallic tones are very popular right now, we went with a brushed gold colour.

painting mason jar lid gold

Step Two

Now it’s time to make what goes inside the snow globe. We decided to make a snowman out of polymer clay (the kind that you bake and it hardens) because we found that when you glue a store-bought ornament to the inside of the jar, the colours eventually leak into the water. With a hand-crafted polymer clay figure, the colours are baked in and the water stays crystal clear.

PRO TIP: Keep in mind the circumference of the jar. You want to make sure that what you make can fit into the jar once you’re done.

snowman made out of polymer clay

Step Three

Bake your snowman! Once you’re done making your figure, follow the instructions of the clay to find out how long you need to bake it for (times vary depending on brand of clay and thickness of your creation). If you’re making smaller parts (like snowman arms) bake them separately so they don’t fall off. Make sure to make holes in the snowman so you can glue the arms on once it’s done baking.

snowman on a baking sheet

Step Four

Now it’s time to put it all together! Use hot glue to stick your baked clay creation to the inner side of the mason jar’s lid. Fill the jar 90% of the way with water (leave a bit of room for displacement). Add approximately 1 tbsp of gylcerine and 2 tbsp of glitter.

adding water and glitter

Step Five

Screw the lid on tightly, shake–and enjoy!

final snowglobe


#2 Car in a Jar Snow Globe

Materials & tools:

  • small model car 1:87
  • poss. miniature Christmas tree and thread for the car roof
  • clean screw top jar, e.g. honey or pickle jar
  • white modelling clay
  • distilled water
  • artificial snow powder, glitter or gilt
  • dish soap
  • waterproof glue


First, prepare the inside of the snow globe. The following two things are essential for this step: the materials have to be very small since they’ll look much bigger because of the water and glass. Furthermore, everything has to be properly fixed so that nothing loosens when you shake the jar. Check if you’re able to close the jar. If necessary, glue the clay and car to the lid.

We attached the little Christmas tree to the roof in the following way: we took a pointed needle, put it through the windows and tied up the tree with the thread.

Put distilled water and a drop of dish soap in the jar, then add snow powder and glitter.

Put the lid on the jar and close it tightly. Turn the jar upside down and let the snowflakes dance!

#3 Make a Snow Globe Soap Pump

This adorable snow globe soap pump is the perfect way to add an unexpected dash of Christmas to the kitchen or bathroom sinks in your home. Throughout the year I keep most of the decor in my home fairly neutral and then swap out accessories like this for different holidays. It makes me smile every time I go to use the kitchen sink!
Bonus: You need ZERO crafting skills to pull off this project!
Materials & tools:


Add about two dozen flat back white marbles to the bottom of the mason jar. Lower the ceramic Christmas tree into the jar and settle it on top of the marbles.

(note: when shopping for a tree for your jar, be sure to get one that will fit in the neck of your mason jar!)


Before filling your jar with soap, be sure the trim the stem for the soap pump to be the right height and check the fit before adding soap!


Add clear hand soap or dish soap to your jar.

If desired, wrap about two yards of jute twine around the collar of the soap pump and then finish with a bow.

That’s it!

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