You are still looking for a last-minute crafting idea for Mother’s Day, where maybe children can join in? A self-designed Mother’s Day card with a few personal lines is the classic and always goes down well. The heart is available in two versions: uniformly embroidered or as a particularly simple variant criss-cross. This guide will show you step by step how to make a special card with an embroidered heart!

From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card


  • embroidery thread
  • embroidery needle
  • Folded card or Tonkarton
  • scissors
  • Adhesive tape or masking tape
  • pencil
  • eraser
  • Cloth residue or soft cardboard as a base

That’s how it’s done:

Create a matching paper heart template, for example by folding a leaf, cutting out half a heart at the fold and unfolding it. Then you transfer the outline in pencil in the middle of the folding card. Of course, you can also record a heart freehand.

From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card

Next you put the card unfolded on a piece of fabric and engraved the holes along the pencil line at regular intervals. So that the holes do not tear later when threading through the yarn, the holes should not be too close to each other, because the thread and the eye of the needles will slightly enlarge the holes. For the perfect embroidery heart it is also important that the number of holes in each half of the heart is the same. Only then can the thread at the end once go through each hole. You could first sketch the points and evenly distribute them. (Who can live with imperfect, can also go wild on it and thread the thread at the end once again through an already used hole!)

From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card

Carefully erase the pencil line. Now the embroidery begins: Thread a long thread into the eye of the needle and lead the needle from the back through the initial hole, in which both halves of the heart touch above. So that the thread does not slip, it can be attached to the back of the clay paper with a piece of tape or knot. Now you thread the yarn through the bottom hole of the heart. From the back you put the thread through the hole next to it and then thread the thread diagonally across the map to the next hole. So you work out until all the holes are threaded through.

From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card

The beauty of this version is that the back is also very handsome and does not hide. If you always stand in the back hole in the hole next to it, this outline of a heart arises:

From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day cardFrom the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card

In the second, very simple version, you thread the holes in no particular order, but simply fill the heart with the thread. In the end, each hole should be pierced once. For this variant you need a little more thread than for the first one.

DIY Embroidered Mother's Day Card via nä (16 of 16)From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card

Finished! Now you only have to decorate the inside of the mother’s day card with kind regards.

From the heart: embroidered Mother's Day card


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