A CAT lover decided to get a tattoo with ink made from her cat’s HAIR in tribute to her beloved moggy.

Model Kathrin Toelle, 38, who lives Germany, found a company that offers the unusual service in order for her to “stay connected to her cat” for the rest of her life.

 Model Kathrin Toelle, 38, got a tattoo made with ink from her beloved moggie Gizmo

The tattoo service is offered by Skin46 in Switzerland, and involves ink made from medically clean organic carbon extracted from either human or animal hair. Kathrin, who goes by the modelling name of Makani Terror, revealed she is a huge animal lover and she found the idea of the tattoo “very emotional”.

She said to the Sun Online: “I love my own pets like they were my own children. They are the most important family members in my life and I will miss them more than anything else when they would pass away. “A tattoo artist friend told me about the Skin46 ink and I thought ‘I need to do this’.”

The tattoo ink is made from carbon extracted from hair samples of the precious feline

Her large tattoo design was of her 10-year-old Maine Coon cat Gizmo, and his hair was used in the inking process. First she sent off 5g of hair, which was manufactured in a Swiss lab in accordance with quality standards. Animal or human hair can be used, including that of deceased individuals. Each inking process costs around £518, but each batch can stretch to around 30 small tattoos or 10 larger designs.

The tattoo process uses real hair from either an animal or a human

Kathrin said: “At first, it sounds weird but after all explanations, I was just in love with this idea to be connected to my cats forever. “Gizmo is a very clumsy and sweet cat. He loves to play with little balls and is always stealing my hair bands.” Kathrin has two cats, a brother and a sister, and she says she would consider getting another tattoo made with cat hair in the future. The Skin46 ink company was launched by Andreas Wampl in 2015, and he had the first tattoo made from his daughter and son’s hair trialled on him.

Kathrin decided to get the tattoo as the ultimate tribute to pet Gizmo

The company’s website says: “It’s common to have a tattoo of a loved one in so many different ways, shapes and forms.

“There’s no limit to how a relationship‘s bonds can be celebrated in tattoo art. “SKIN46 ink enables the next level of emotional connection between the person and the tattoo and takes ink one step deeper.”

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