Even though not all people who get them regret the tattoos they got, there are situations when concealing said tattoos would perhaps help them socially. Whether we’re talking here about enhancing their chances of getting a job or improving their standing in a social circle, people will sometimes need a certain tattoo or two hidden from plain view.

A good way to do that is with the help of a tattoo concealer. These formulas are non-invasive for the most part and they do not cause any long-term issues if you use them correctly. With this in mind, let us find out what are the ten best tattoo concealers out there.

Best Tattoo Concealers Of 2018

Specifically formulated for covering tattoos, this is a consistent and thick fast-drying concealer paste that applies smoothly on your skin. While darker tattoos get perfectly concealed when you apply two coats of this paste, you should make sure to take your time applying it. For the best experience possible, sponge application may be needed since the paste works better if dabbed than when brushed or rubbed on. For even better results, use alongside a setting powder or spray.

Tattoo Cover Kit Fair/Med While most other products in its class recommend separate steps for tattoo coverage, this cover formula combines all of the steps into one complete kit. It includes lotion, primer, finishing powder, application sponge, two shades of body and leg cream, a powder brush, and clear guidelines. It is a premium quality tattoo concealer that may require practice for you to achieve the right blend. The guidelines are important in this regard, so make sure to go through the texts before using the kit. However, it is a great kit for complete coverage for any skin discolouration on any body part.

Kat Von D Tattoo Concealer has a highly pigmented, heavy duty, transfer and water-resistant multi-use formula. It is a creamy and easy-blending secret that offers the ultimate and customizable coverage in 4 easy steps – prep, conceal, perfect, and set. Its 4-step process perfectly conceals dark spots, blemishes, and tattoos in a way than many other tattoo concealers simply do not have the capacity to tackle efficiently.

The Tatjacket Concealer Remover features a special waterproof, high-pigmented cream formula ideal for concealing skin birthmarks, discolorations, freckles, colored flat scars, and under-eye dark shadows. To apply, scoop just a small amount of the Dermaceal using a cosmetic spatula, and then spread it over the discoloration and rub properly to blend. It should be mentioned that this concealer/remover works on virtually any type of skin.

Expertly created to fully conceal even the most stubborn and darkest skin blemishes and tattoos, the TCA Peeling Wrinkle Scar Spot Tattoo Removal features a thick and waterproof formula modeled to resemble stage makeup that stays where you apply it no matter the sweat, heat or smudging. It is available in 5 shades packed in one stylish and compact container. This allows users to perfectly blend the right colors for a perfect skin tone.

Coming in 4 different shades, Laura Geller New York Real Deal is a full-cover concealer for any skin discolorations, including tattoos. Its silicone-based formula is water resistance, besides offering an oil-free yet very smooth application. Featuring lots of added vitamins, this concealer is quite healthy for use on your skin too. However, the formula can feel a bit heavy, thus recommended for use in small amounts and apply using a cosmetic brush for a guaranteed evenness.

Many of you should already know that e.l.f is a renowned brand and their Maximum Coverage Concealer has an oil-free formula that, as well as providing proper coverage for skin blemishes and tattoos, is long-lasting. A little of it goes a long way, translating to a better bang for your buck. It is available in no less than six different shades, giving you the freedom to choose that which best blends with your skin color. Luckily for you, this concealer lets you know exactly what skin tones it works best with.

Hardy Candy Glamoflage is a high quality and heavy-duty tattoo and skin blemishes concealer. It is dense and consistent, thus a little dab goes a long way. For even tone coverage, use finger tips to apply, choosing the most appropriate blend. According to how large and dark the area to be concealed is, you may need more than just one application for desired results. If hiding tattoos, then use it with a setting powder or any other cosmetic that acts as a base in regards to applying more makeup.

The Coastal Scents PL-011 features a professional-grade formula providing 10 cream-based concealers in a single, easy-to-use palette style compact storage. It, therefore, offers full coverage to literally all skin tones. Thick and consistent, this product is thus recommended to be applied with a brush for evenness. For the finest results, use alongside your daily facial cream, along with a quality finishing powder. If possible, choose a cream that also hydrates the skin as well, mainly because a repeated application can cause your skin to dehydrate.

The Dermablend Cover Creme provides a whopping 18 shades variety in natural tones, giving you full cover for skin discolorations regardless of the skin tone. It is a lightweight and long-lasting cream formula that features SPF for UV protection. Apply it with your fingers and then follow it with a setting powder to seal it. Darker spots may require more than one coat, which is something to consider when using any type of concealer/remover. One thing to point out about this creme is the versatility it showcases along with its ability to work well on any type of skin.

Finding The Right Tattoo Concealer

Just as you would have some issues finding the right makeup, the quest for a healthy and reliable concealer can be just as tedious. A good way to avoid going through all the hassle of finding one that works well in a sea of so many unreliable products is to take the time and learn about how these products work. Just like regular concealers, tattoo concealers have to be chosen according to your skin’s sensitivity and color. In essence, however, you should choose a concealer according to:

Skin type – The first thing to consider when getting a tattoo concealer is your skin type. It is no secret that some concealers work much better than others on certain skin types and this is precisely the thing to keep in mind when choosing one for yourself. Whereas dry skin should never be subjected to alcohol-based products, a well-hydrated skin might actually respond better in this regard.
Reason – It may seem superficial, but you should also think long and hard about the reason for wanting to conceal a tattoo. The reason we say this is because some social events require a tougher, more thorough concealment, especially when you’re playing sports and you sweat a lot. If this is the case, then try your best to use a rub proof concealer or at least one that is guaranteed to stay on the skin for hours after being applied.
Convenience – If you are particularly meticulous when it comes to applying makeup, then you should perhaps consider getting a concealer that doesn’t take too much time to prepare. On a related note, check to make sure that whatever concealer you’re using doesn’t require special solutions and disposable materials to maintain. Not only that but think about how much time it would take you to apply said concealer to achieve the desired results.
Versatility – Another thing to consider is whether your chosen concealer works well with other types of makeup. In this respect, let it be said that reputable brands are more likely to interact in a positive fashion to regular makeup, whereas any extreme formula is likely to smudge off existing makeup. Not only that but you have to consider that some of these concealers contain chemicals that might cause your skin some problems long-term if you keep using them on a daily basis.
Budget – While this shouldn’t be your primary concern, there is still the issue of how much you are willing to spend on a concealer. Seeing how concealers aren’t really permanent, you should perhaps refrain from buying too much unless you are 100% certain you’ll use it. As it often happens with cosmetics, check if you can buy multiple concealers on a bundle or if you can buy them in bulk.


Types of Concealers

In principle, there are two major ways to conceal unwanted tattoos using cosmetic formulas:

Cover up makeup – This type of concealer is usually applied with a sponge or a brush and it takes very little time to do it. These concealers are generally waterproof as long as water and chlorinated water goes while some of them can even be rub proof. Formulated to be thick, highly-pigmented, and potent, these concealers are best used on your face and neck, areas that do not rub up against the clothes.
Airbrush makeup – Similar to applying makeup, the airbrushing method involves liquid makeup that you apply to your skin via an airbrush system. Although this method is somewhat expensive and time-consuming, the sheer potency it provides dwarfs with the cover-up method. We should also point out that the airbrush method requires more skills than any other method, which is all worth it when considering how light and natural it feels on the skin.


As far as tattoo concealment goes, no method is 100% guaranteed to work, with some working better than others depending on your skin and the type of tattoo you are trying to conceal. At the same time, the effectiveness of your concealing is also related to your personal ability to use these products. Speaking of which, it should be said that a skilled person could very well use these concealers to hide a wide variety of skin-related issues like skin conditions, discolorations, bruises, scars, stretch marks, wrinkles, and acne. All in all, it usually comes down to a combination of using the appropriate formula with the right skin type in the right environment.

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